Friday, March 14, 2014

Dirtbagonomics: Moab

I have been stewing for the last couple of weeks over tomorrow. Running a whole bunch of miles to see this:

Do you know where this is?
was one of my ideas. And this:

was the other choice. Hmmmmmm, I am far more intrigued with the Eye of the Sun, but White Rim is an excellent training ride. Honestly, the last time I was here it was 12F and not one bit of interest to me. The slightly crazy, adventurous part of me that has taken a real liking to running trails not accessible by bike said the former. A few words of wisdom from a good source, and my logical side, said ride the latter. As good as I feel, AZT is less than a month away, recovery is key and I haven't run over 15 miles since the 42-mile R2R2R crossing on Thanksgiving. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know.....

And then there is the financial side of things:

Ultra race-bill and a half to enter
White Rim- Fiver to get into Canyonlands

Gas-$50 (paid by work through a crazy coincidence!)

(61 days of NAP....more energy physically and mentally and more money in my pocket by prepping and packing)

I am meeting up with friends to ride Sunday and trip planning has been on the email train for a month. After a hundred or so, the plan came together nicely! Personally, the White Rim makes more sense financially and physically. Traveling, eating and finding a great place to stay can be done so cheaply. An absolute must in light of my big dreams this summer.

Leaving this soul-sucking city in an hour....

SO....Who is in town? Wanna come play on the rocks Sunday or get some miles in Saturday???

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  1. Awesome!! Just saw this posting about the rim. How Was It?? How Many Of You Rode?? So Hope You Didn't Get Caught Up Wind Sun/Mon. Best Wishes Over The Next Month!!!