Monday, March 10, 2014

70 and Single

It is days like today.

Its days like today that are 70F and your quads want more rocky single track to climb. Yes, I said climb. And want.

Its days like today that bring all the people out of the woodwork to the trails on bikes that haven't been touched since last fall when it was taken home from Walmart. The smile on their faces make me believe a little more in humanity, they make the world a little smaller. They make me aware of the simplicity and the unifying power of the bicycle we often overlook as we obsess over uploading our ride data and racing to enter races.

Its days like today that make the hard work of the everyday 4am torture(trainer) sessions worth it all.

Its days like today, I will continue to wear my shit-eating grin even in my sleep tonight.

Because I got to ride my Superfly100 for the first time on dry single track in 2014!

And now, I feel like this guy:

You know what I mean. Sunshine intoxication makes us all ten feet tall and bulletproof. Get your butt out there!!

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