Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Life since the Arrowhead 135 has been a far cry from the traditional notion of EPIC for me. In fact, I am going to do the Anti-Epic Gravel Grinder to commemorate the months of February and March. A long, mind-(ass)numbing slog through Nowhere, CO.

Anyone care to join? 150 miles of CX bike FUN! C'mon. I need someone to chase through the magical wonderland of nada but gravel and dirt. Either way, I am working on a very motivating playlist now.

The past couple of months have been seven days of high mileage commuting, spin trainer, yogapalooza, 5am gym workouts and gearing up to chase BIG dreams. I would post daily commuting totals but they even astound me so maybe later.

Some of the big dreams involve two wheels and some are big dreams headed toward tiny spaces (watch for a new blog documenting the process of material reduction/overall simplification/minimalistic shift from two very different points in the process).

But I guess when a case of the Anti-Epics infects my life I am thankful for moments like coming home today, crashing through the door, cranking Spotify and singing at the top of my lungs only to walk into the next room and see my best friend of almost twelve years who has not heard anything, sound asleep, retrieving ducks in her dreams.

She owns my heart.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Beauty of Becoming

I am very humbled to have earned my own posting on this very well done, inspiring and relevant blog. I highly encourage you to check out and follow this site. It is authentic and relevant to the things we all live with each inhale and exhale.

The opening line on the front page epitomizes the way I strive to live my life amongst the struggles:

"Life is a journey of becoming and there is beauty in this process..."

Stop and really think about those words. Not many that come to my immediate thoughts that reflect more truth for how I want to spend the rest of my days.

Maribeth, Rebecca and Stephanie- Thank you! The world needs more women like you! Keep it rolling, Sistas, because what you are doing is amazing. There are so many people you will touch, motivate and save through your beautiful, infectious energy....