Friday, February 21, 2014

12 Hour Solo: Truly AntiEpic

February 22, 2014. 8:30am to 8:30pm

No entry fee on this one. The weather will not be ideal and there won't be any podiums,

memorable and hilarious speeches or scenery. There will be elevators, door codes, test tubes filled with blood, stoplights and cars. I will get paid to do what most do in a car: pickup from hospital to lab and back.

Over and over and over.

The scenery could be interesting for a few miles near Sloan's Lake, as a few people will be out with dogs, kids and bikes. I will probably get to know the street corner beggars on a first name basis if they are manning their usual posts....

The route:

Loop is  about 17 miles. Probably an hour of yoga at lunchtime.

Why? To add to the TD hard tail fund. (psssst, which, I am just saying if you so desire to help, see upper right corner of blog) Ha, because the sponsors must not have the correct address yet so they can send that sweet Fate to me to ride from Canada to Mexico.

Yeah, that must be it.

So, work spills into the weekend. But, hey, I can think of shittier jobs. Tomorrow will be a good day, because I will be pedaling!

Wanna ride?

Entries are still open....

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