Monday, September 16, 2013

All Three in 2014

Yeah. It's going to happen. I am going to attempt to be the first female to finish the Triple Crown of bikepacking in 2014.



I have no idea at this point how I am going to pull this off financially. I need sponsors. I need those of you who read this and are inspired by any of my passion and tales of my adventures, struggles and triumphs and want to help in any way to reach out to me.

God, that was hard/humbling to write. But it is a reality. Months off work to make a run at this dream is next to impossible to swing. Notice the phrase "next to" in the previous sentence.

Because this is going to happen.

Unsure? Yep.
Out of my safety/comfort zone? Quite a ways.
Do my hands shake and my stomach knot up thinking about the financial logistics? Everyday.

Am I afraid? Hell no.

The excitement and anticipation of living a dream I have imagined for two years now trumps all fear. Fear not of the journey itself, but fear of the journey to the journey. An undertaking like this is beyond huge in anyone's world.

The word written in the picture above means more to me today than ever before.

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