Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Solid Ride in Jeffco

After a fun day riding up north on Wednesday, I had quite the list of things to do today. REALLY fun stuff like laundry, taxes, trivial errands, etc. The plan was to then jump on my road bike and join in on the Thursday night run with DTR. Ummm, yeah, guess who I spent about 5 hours with today? This guy:

Starting out at my house in Morrison, I tried, yet again, to ride the steps out of my door up to the road. No go again. Ahh well, maybe next time I will make it all the way. I jumped on the Bear Creek path, hit the singletrack and did the obligatory tour of Bear Creek State Park. 14 miles of paved roads and paths later, I was at Deer Creek Park hoping it wasn't a complete ice rink....

WRONG!! About 2 or 3 miles in, there was far more ice than dirt, so I bagged it and turned around.

I tried to get up the hill, but my 1.9 back tire was laughing in my face. (That and the fact I could barely WALK up the hill). So I headed to Waterton--ie..a ton more road to get there...

Stopped for the all-too-familiar bike picture at some gorgeous frozen falls before heading up the Colorado Trail for a while:

The CT was snowpacked but greasy and slick. I did hit some mud about 3 miles in and turned around for a sketchy downhill back to the top of Waterton and back home. Waterton Canyon closes in 3 days, but Centennial Cone opens in 3 days. Awww yeah. Good stuff at the Cone.

More Waterton pics:

And, I ordered my bikepacking sleeping bag today....Just a few things left to get the setup complete!


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  1. Great pics! Very cool looking icefall. If you are looking for ice free trails, lots of stuff north of Boulder looks good (Hall, DBB, Blue Sky, etc).

    I'm interested about your prep for the CTR, particularly what equipment and supplies you will be bringing. Look forward to more posts and great photography!