Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Good Morning and Daydreams of Eden at 11K

My dog has no concept of sleeping in. Every morning (no joke) about 3-5 minutes before 7, I can feel two beady eyes staring a hole in me. She is too mellow to be overtly obnoxious, but she definitely is persistent in her mission to get fed and let out pre-7AM. If I am feeling a little lazy (like this morning), the old wet nose in the ear always blasts me out of bed and her goal is accomplished. So, this morning after the usual routine, I started on a mission of my own, Operation Frame Bag Alteration.

It started with this:

Photo Credit: JK
  Looked like this when I first put it on my bike with no alterations:

No bueno
 And with some creative redesigning and the pending addition of one more small strip of velcro on top:

I have now have my frame bag. SWEET! Originally, I planned to alter the lower corner, but it actually fit perfectly and it became apparent that the top was going to be a much better place to make the adjustment. Making a slit the entire length of the bag starting in the top left corner, hemming the frayed edges and with the addition of the previously mentioned velcro...its as good as custom.

Soon after the bag was done, I began daydreaming of one of my favorite hot springs in Colorado--

The hot springs sits in the middle of this valley

 Looking back from the pass on part of the route in

On the Pass

Just after cresting the pass

Some needed trail yoga after hiking 13 miles in

Ahhhhhh, and the long awaited, well-deserved soak in a
  completely undeveloped hole in the earth consisting of rocks,
100 degree water and a view into the valley surrounded by 14K' peaks...truly Eden.

I need to get back in the next month or two. When I can wake up in a tent and walk a quarter of a mile for an early morning soak in this, I can't say that I care what time Wheels wakes me up!

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