Saturday, January 15, 2011

Keep on Keepin' On

Saturday morning.

Planning a litle run, bike, run, bike, run first thing, but I am even more stoked after hearing some rumblings of a plan to ride up Sunshine Canyon.

Sweet. I walk outside with Wheels and am stunned by this:

God, I love this state. The gorgeous view isn't just in the east. The reflection gives us an almost 360 degree coloring of the sky:

Looking west:

And to the northwest:

Grab my bike and head out the door. Take off front tire. Load bike. Drive 45 minutes to Aurora. Park. Unload bike. Put front tire back on. Grab my gear and ride into Cherry Creek State Park.

Ummmm, where is my left running shoe? Seriously? No....this is a joke.

Ride back to car, search everywhere. Where is my left shoe? I know they were both in my backpack this morning....

Ok, I am still going to do this duathlon. No time to drive back to Morrison and look for my shoe....I can run in my bike shoes:

Ehhhhh, no. Not for 4 miles at any kind of a pace....Can't even get traction on the trail.

I am done. No Chilly Cheeks for me this year.Time for some hot chocolate and the drive back home.

Get home. Walk down the steps:

Pick up now empty cup, still wondering where my shoe is...Look to the left:

FML. I am going back to bed and try this whole day over in about 3 or 4 hours :-)

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