Thursday, February 10, 2011

Links and Beats

If you are interested in following the 24 Hours of Old Pueblo Live Results check this link out:

2011 OP Live Results

Also starting Monday, February 21, I will be on the Arizona Trail until late Wednesday, February, 23. If you want to track me and see where I am, check out my SPOT page. When I turn it on and activate Track Progress, a message is sent every ten minutes:

Find Jill

I rode 25 at a pretty chill pace yesterday. I loaded down my bike with everything that is going with me on the AZ Trail. Minus the top tube bag I don't have yet. The sun was shining in its full splendor when I started, but 18F is still 18F. My layers kept my core warm, but my right index finger was frozen solid when I returned, but that is pretty much par for the course. I honestly did not notice the additional weight of my packs and gear.The seatpost bag hits my left leg, so some adjusting will be necessary. My ride pretty much ended at the top of the Red Rocks Ampitheater (no pics, unfortunately, because the cold sucked the last of my camera battery). It was a gorgeous evening and some guy asked me about all the "weird bags" on my bike. I couldn't resist and told him that I was part of a study for 100% green snow removal programs in Jeffco. Heh :-)

I have a ton of playlists that I am merging together, but am looking for some sick, new beats to freshen the iPod up a little. Please, comment here or on FB with your faves or what gets you ubermotivated! Thanks :)

My goal for April  

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