Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Short and Sweet

Just throwing down a quick post while I am gathering my thoughts for a year end wrap up:

2012 was a phenomenal year. I grew in many positive ways and cannot believe my second season of racing my bike is complete. Wrapping my head around the miles I have pedaled and the places I have seen in the past two years is next to impossible. I live a life far different from the average woman and I would not trade it for anything. I sometimes feel like an alien trying to fit into a mundane society, thus, my eyes are fixed on living my dreams, my spirit is wild and free and my heart is filled to the brim with gratitude. It composes the very fiber of my soul in ways that are too precious for language to covey. But I will try in my next post anyway...

So until then:

Arrowhead 135 post #2 is up over on it out! I am finally learning to stay warm on two (fat) wheels. The most recent article is about my clothes, hands, feet and layering. The upcoming #3 is about the gear (some required by the race itself) on the Pugs. I am pretty excited because I found the most bitchin pair of bar mitts ever for the whopping price of $14.99. Made for an ATV, these badboys are huge, roomy and WARM. I am soooo tempted to put a teaser pic here but on second thought, I want you to go read #3 when its up.

If you are kind of intrigued by this fat bike/cold riding thing, check out Eric Larsen. He is riding his bike to the South Pole, self-supported. I have been reading his updates and to put the difficulty of this in perspective---he is covering about 22 nautical miles per day and these are his accomodations:

This is why I laugh when any supported race/event promotes itself as the toughest in the world.

Ok, enough rambling.

One final look at our failed igloo attempt on Christmas Day:

Since snow is such a rare and precious commodity this year, we scrounged every last bit of quality snow (I was literally hauling loads in a wheelbarrow in from the street). After a while, demolition became more appealing than construction...

Then our Christmas Day festivities concluded with the Intergalactical Red Ryder BB gun championships:

After a formidable battle, I hereby, and ever-so-humbly relinquished my title to the master.

Then redeemed myself with the Scrabble title and my new mantra:

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