Monday, December 3, 2012

Ride Fat Bikes Race Report Series

As I sit and gaze out the window on this warm, sunny, dry December day here in Colorado, I long for winter to arrive. I love huge snowflakes that fall out of the sky and massive storms that leave two feet of snow. I want to see snowy peaks and people shoveling their driveways. I like winter. I like the change that comes with each of the seasons.

I don't have to put my bike away when the ground in covered in ice and snow. Nope. I just bring out the Pugs, deflate the Nates a bit, add more layers and bigger gloves and continue pedaling until spring.

The Puglsey's next adventure is set for January 28, 2013 starting in International Falls, MN. The race is the Arrowhead 135, a goal I set for myself about a year ago. It is a beast of  a race. So what am I doing to prepare besides intricate snow dances to bring some of the beloved white stuff here?

Find out here:

I will be doing a series of posts with pictures outlining my training, gear, bike, adventures and thoughts before, during and after the race. You will find them all on I love this site. Check out the sweet photo gallery where readers are encouraged to send in their own pictures and share their stories. It is a fantastic resource for everything fat bike--racing, trails, information---you name it, this site has it covered.

So check out my first post and keep checking back for more as I will be adding new stories of what I am doing, what is working, what is not and most importantly what I am learning...

Oh, yeah, and THINK SNOW....lots of it!

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