Monday, March 19, 2012

Home Decor Choices

Someone asked me once when I was going to hit my domestic phase and stop "running all over and climbing mountains and riding bikes.." 

The domestic phase? Been there. Done that.

Home remodeling, improvement, decor. All were once a big thing in my mid twenties. I spent a lot of time caring what the walls of the big mortgage house looked like. I had beautiful hardwood floors, countertops, windows, yard and blah, blah, blah...zzzzzz.

The "perfect" and finished projects that I spent so much time and effort on meant absolutely nothing to me when I finally took off the paint apron and stepped back to look at my efforts. In fact, the very notion that these "things" were even taking up my time when I knew deep in my soul that I didn't really have any passion for them left me the most empty, frustrated and lost as I had ever been.

So, roughly 4 years (and a lot of simplifying and downsizing) later, I feel somewhat compelled to share my latest trend in home decor:

Half of April's journey is up...

More detailed view...

My surroundings are far more beautiful now....

35688 minutes.

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