Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Superfly Transport Revamped

Taking a bit of a different packing approach on the lug-a-bike through the canyon.

The way my pack, gravity, frame shape and my desire for minimal breakdown all mesh, I played around with the idea of putting the front shock down:

Left pedal and both wheels off...the bike is secured well where a normal person would put a snowboard
From the front:

This actually feels pretty good on my back.  The pack is a bit large but will work. The shock sticks way out but the seat at its normal height actually provides a pretty good counterbalance of sorts.

If the trail is truly a wide double track as I have been told by a former Flagstaff native, then I am good with the wide load. If not, I have some repacking and probably more (NOOOOO!!!!!) breaking down of the bike to do.

Here are some pics with the wheels on. My concern is bending the rotors so I will mail this thermarest to Tusayan to keep the wheels offset and I secured them so there is no movement. The thermarest keeps the wheels from touching eachother and the frame, but I am still a little sketch about protecting the rotors....

Ideas? Thoughts? Help?

A recipe for a bent rotor at the north rim?
Lots of  head clearance
Front view with wheels on
This way feels far more comfortable to me that turning the bike the other way. I am going to hike the Animas Mt Trail with it tomorrow to test it out....

Too wide a load for the canyon? Rotors? Other issues? What am I overlooking/need to consider??


  1. Ok, just a real stupid comment - because I'm stupid. Why not just carry each wheel - one wheel per hand. Could serve as a walking stick type of thing. Of course, It'd be an issue if you need to dig for a nugget - nugget in the nose, get it. But hell, why not have the wheels in your hands. Then again, if you take a digger - you could bend the rotors. Or just carry (or mail) the rotor bending / fixing tool. I got one, you can borrow.

    1. Does anyone know if this is actually legal? Or grey area? Can rubber hit the dirt in the wilderness? Hmmmm, sounds like I have some research to do.

    2. You know what. I woke this morning and said 's*^t' I bet that's illegal, I better delete that idiotic idea. So - forget that I even made a stupid comment. Better safe then sorry.

  2. takes minimal time to pull the rotors off. pack them, then you can secure the wheels a little better

  3. Bike in backpack - F yeah! Now thats biking!

  4. I wondered about the wilderness areas too. I just thought you weren't allowed to ride in them, but pushing was OK. I have no idea but maybe someone could illuminate me.