Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Never Gonna Grow Up, Never Gonna Slow Down.

Hand these to a couple of thirty-somethings with an abundance of ambition and energy, a burning passion for adventure and the daily need to play like children:

The Beauty: An ubersweet Fatty from Twenty2Cycles 

The (beloved) Beast: He so handsome...

And what happens on a Saturday afternoon in March?


They claim the first Cottonwood Pass fatbike summit:

But not without a little (expected) playtime about 500 feet shy:

The thrill of 37.9 mph down this was the reward:

For this:

After some "tandem descending", ripping through trees, cutting switchbacks on snowmobile trails and creating a good blooper reel of crashes, slips and slides the sun began to wane in the western sky and the full 20 mile summit and descent was complete. Lounging afterwards on the tailgate in the springtime sun brought talk of the next task at hand: Igloo constrution.

Hotels are overpriced and boring and tents suck in the wind...thus...igoo it!

FYI...the best room in Chaffee County exists on the Colorado Trail

Add fire:

And hammocks:

And a mesmerizing moonrise:

Cook some oatmeal for breakfast:

Pile in blankets and dogs:

And Eddie's stamp of approval is earned:

I sit here and reflect and ask myself:

Why "grow up" if this means I stop playing and laughing?

Why slow down?

I will take a couple falls and laugh at myself:

Kick my own ass:

And smile:

I choose to live now. Do it now. Move. Go big, then bigger.Get excited about things. Feel. Breathe deep. Savor. Encourage instead of criticize. Really listen. Love without expectations. Inspire....And by all means, laugh and play.

We all want to somewhere inside. Let it out....

You get one life. Find the courage to author it. NOW.