Sunday, February 5, 2012

Kiss Me....It's Snowdown!

I sit here before work in the middle of the afternoon at the Irish Embassy Pub listening to seven people cranking out "Whiskey in a Jar" (how appropriate)on a fiddle, accordion, banjo, many guitars and some unidentified noise makers and look out the window at the snow lightly falling on the streets of Durango.

No blizzards here, just a few inches. But it IS sticking...and a few inches means a few feet in the mountains that tower above this sleepy little town. Oh yeah!

No epic rides or adventures in extreme conditions lately. Nope. Just a shitload of work while Snowdown is in full force and then I will disappear into the desert for a few days with my neglected Superfly and some bikepacking gear. Looking like a solo trip is in the works as plans, schedules and work take potential riding partners in many different directions.

The fatty is alive and has evolved to its final form. The Superfly is getting a little TLC from the boys at Kokopelli Bike and Board. Many a trip to Cortez have I made and I forsee many more. These guys are hands down the best around. People, mechanics, friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I have been experimenting with the Osprey pack that is going to tote my bike across the canyon (pics coming) and I have been busting my ass at the Rec Center on the spin bike, on the track and in the weight room. A lot of yoga classes and podcasts fill up the rest of the time I am not otherwise occupied. I am not at all motivated to post hours and numbers. Boring.

My personal reward for all the gym time is laps on the awesome water slide at the pool. The harder the workout, the more laps I reward myself with.

And you all thought I was there training for some 750 mile race across the desert?

Merely an afterthought to the water slide.

So I end this boring blog post with a small taste of the local culture:

My knights in beer can armor on the final night of Snowdown.

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