Tuesday, February 28, 2012

64337 Minutes

I decided this morning was a good one to catch up on the blog. My Pugs is sitting by the front door and my gear is ready to go for a 2 hour cruise. This is what I am looking at out my window, grinning like a giddy little girl!

The fatbike has evolved into an awesome snow navigator and commuter. I have it geared 36/20. Yep. That's right. Yes, it goes through the snow. Yes, I stand up on the hills and it goes up. Yes, its hard. Yes, I have to push up some hills. Yes, I ride by some geared fatties on hills....yes, I do love the pain. I have taken boatloads of good-spirited crap about this bike, but I love it. I love that it is a frame from a friend, parts from many other bikes and leaves tracks like this:

And just because its kinda cool to compare, I noticed a Larry, an Endo and my two Nates side by side after a ride a few weeks ago:

Who notices and compares tread in the snow and takes a pic?  Someone needs a life..

About a month ago, I entered a 24 hour race in West Yellowstone called the Equinox Ski Challenge. It is too close to the AZT 750 to take seriously so I am going to have fun with friends and ride my fatbike. It will be an awesome training race and I absolutely love western Montana. Pretty stoked for this one. And yes, I will regear to 32/20.

The Pugs evokes the urge to just be silly and rage through the snow like a kid. I  have the permagrin constantly when I am riding and have NO problem doing this on rides:

And I have learned that if left unattended, random snowboarders will "borrow" it to let their 10 year old out while waiting in the lift line:

I even considered commuting to a nice dinner with some friends a couple nights ago, but the shoes just didn't allow that to happen (believe me I tried)....

It has proved to be a good training tool as well. There are many days that I need to back off and go for a Pugs ride to keep my mind from racing through all the logistics, travel, gear, time off work, workout schedule and nerves I feel for the AZT 750. The mind game, as we all know, is key to my success in Arizona. Last year's 300 taught me so many things that I will take with me this year. I honestly cannot wait for the adventure that is in store. 

750 miles. On a bike. In a strange land. I have never seen the Grand Canyon and I am going to break my Superfly 100 down and lug the bastard from the south rim to the north rim on my back with this and some webbing:

The Osprey Switch 40+5...my $20 Craigslist find
I dream about the unknown, the challenge and pushing through the fatigue and pain I know will be a huge part of my days in the desert. But what draws me to races like this is the simple freedom I find on my bike, the different beauty and intrigue of Arizona, the survival skills necessary, and as much as I love solitude, I never forget all the the people I meet on the trail or the unique individuals that take on this challenge as well. I love that something stirs in their heart the same way it does in mine....

So here are a few more pictures of the FrankenPugs I am so damn happy with:

Again, I can't thank Kokopelli Bike and Board enough for making this beast roll!!!

So, as of right now, I am 64337 minutes away from the start of my adventure through AZ. The only huge setback I have experienced is that I lost my GPS while training near Oracle, AZ. It is somewhere past the Tiger Mine Rd Trailhead. I have put the word out if anyone finds it, but I am not holding my breath. It's gone.

Right now, the money is not in my pocket to replace it either. Anyone feeling like helpin' a sista out and lending me theirs for 8-10 days in April? It is an essential piece of gear in my setup that has to go on the trail. Just throwing it out there if anyone feels compelled.....

Til next time.....


  1. Foxy! Damn - I see no problems with the shoes and those pedals. So... what was the problem - the jacket didn't match the paint job?

    You are living the life. I can round up a GPS for you. No problem. Don't worry. You're covered.

    1. It was the toenail paint...a lady just can't have her toenails not match her Pugsley's paint job! You have been in ABQ too long, dude :)

  2. Absolutely love your words about your epic Pug's, I totally get it! Well, except for the single-speed part ;)

    Great snow shots too!

    Pedal On ~ Allen

    1. Thanks for reading! LOVE that you get it. Not many get the SS thing...I get lots of blank stares, but that's par for my life..haha!