Monday, January 30, 2012


Insomnia. A rare visitor in my world. He comes when my soul burns hot for the pursuit of epic.

My thoughts, my focus and my dreams (on normal nights) have been hovering lately around my return to the Arizona Trail Race this April and the weird cactus-filled landscape that is so foreign, yet so newly mystifying to me. Its no secret that I am hopelessly and forever in love with jagged, snowy peaks that kiss the sky above 13K'. But something about this unknown, alluring, somewhat mysterious and strangely beautiful desert has me tossing and turning  at 2:45AM this morning.

I begin thinking of my ongoing training here in Durango, my upcoming bikepacking trip in AZ, money, how to best disassemble my bike, about gear choices, when to mail hiking shoes and my pack, how to get back to Durango from the finish and about more emails I need to send to coordinate the carpool to the start...ha. The details of preparation bring insomnia.

On the flip-side, the things that bring perfect, rejuvenating, refreshing, warm sleep include notions of things like:

Inherent challenge.

Solitude in the remote wilderness of a foreign world.

Pedaling through the cool night under the looming moon.

The strength to push on.

A sunrise on Mt. Lemmon.


The greater strength and wisdom to rest when needed.

The Grand Canyon.


No entry fees, no prizes, no hype, no support.

Yep, I love the pain of the big climbs and big descents after two days, the hot sun and chaffed skin as much as the way cold water feels on my lips, how sweet the sugar of dried mango tastes on my tongue and the relief my eyes feel from closing to finally sleep on the trail. I can't wait to get lost in my thoughts as I pedal, and to feel the miles go by as I study both the intricate and obvious details of a landscape that will never have my heart, but forever my interest.

I have decided to document my preparation in a series of blog posts from now until the night before I kiss the Mexican border and set out for Utah.

So, if Insomnia hits you some night, check ramblings may put you to sleep faster than the infomercials.



  1. Sounds like lots of good things are coming. Looking forward to hearing more about your AZT prep.