Monday, January 16, 2012

2012: Thumbs up for ROCK and ROLL!!

The following words are my ultimate words of wisdom and motivation for 2012. They come from a 5 year old. Sometimes we (I) forget that life (on and off the bike) is really:

This Simple

And anything more is, well, just needlessly complicated.

Be happy of myself. Keep practicing. And THUMBS UP EVERYBODY FOR ROCK AND ROLL!!

Love, love, love it.

So what's going to be rockin' and rollin' in 2012? Well, anyone who reads my jibberish knows I live amongst my mountains now. The call got too loud and I ditched the front range for Durango. Originally planning to just winter in paradise, a week here changed my mind. I have found home for a while. These rugged, serene and surreal mountains hold too much adventure to allow me to permanently return north.

I will miss the boys from the Boulder Trek Store Team and Erick, the mechanical wizard that kept my bike rolling. Thank you so much. My respect and gratitude is HUGE for you all. Hardcore. Motivated. Talented. Supportive. Positive. The energy that surrounds the team is incredible!

But I am now seven hours away and other opportunities from three other teams fell into my lap all within two weeks of each other.

So without further adieu, I am stoked to say that I am now a member of


"Search the skies brave pilots, there is a new constellation forming, the Bandwagon is shining bright"

There is an energizing light illuminating from the awesomeness that is Bandwagon Racing. Motivated, uplifting and passionate people compose the team that will undoubtedly be a force to reckon with in 2012. Myself and Joey Ernst compose the Durango chapter of the Bandwagon Galaxy, while forces like Doug Johnson, Stephanie Jones, Kristi Olson, Trevor and Pablo von Boeck, Jason Hanson, Eric Cutlip, Jon Csakany, Fred Hankinson and Allen Beauchamp patrol the vast universe of wonder that lies beneath Pikes Peak.

On the Wagon!

2012 Kits from Primal:

So sweet. Super sonic lightning suits that stand up against all weather and wind. Jet engines included. Guaranteed to make us faster. No training needed. 

But just in case the jet engine won't start some morning, Doug Johnson has taken on the task of harnessing my insanity and agreed to coach me this season. 

My focus has narrowed this year. I am guessing some training races (Durango Dirty Century) will get thrown into the mix somewhere in here, but this should keep me out of trouble:

April 13, 2012, 6:30AM: AZT 750

June 16-17, 2012: 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest- coed duo w/ Les Handy

July 30, 2012, 6AM: Colorado Trail Race

September 14, 2012: World 24 Hour MTB Championships 

I have been ever so lucky to gain support this year. Bandwagon Racing has the greatest sponsors in the galaxy and I have listed them below and added them on the front page of this blog. Take the time to click on them, check them out, really learn about what they have to offer and consider them first among all the choices out there.

Schwalbe Tires
Ride Clean
Primal Wear
Pranava Yoga Center
Squirt Lube
Kate's Real Food
Feedback Sports

Additional support for which I am GREATLY thankful for:

Back Track Outdoor Video Gear

And, I leave you with a short guidebook when in my neck of the woods:

If you are in the MTB capital of the world, Durango, CO:

Velorution Cycles

Attention all you LUCKY 12 Hours of Mesa Verde racers:

Don't bother going anywhere else when in Cortez.

Kokopelli Bike and Board

Get out there and do something remarkable in 2012. Stop saying "I can't" or "I will when...." The time is now. Your life is now. And you only get one...

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