Thursday, September 29, 2011


Two days until 24 Hours of Colorado Springs. I live about an hour and 15 minutes away from the race venue, Palmer Park. Last night was my last ride until somewhere around 1:15 PM on Saturday when Erick finishes his lap.  (Hmmmm, so that means I don't have to get up Saturday til like 11:25AM and can make it for my first lap). Just kidding! 

My coed duo partner, Erick Lord, is a master of the course layout. He has this menagerie memorized and has done his homework this past month. I have been on it three times and soon realized that a little bit of knowledge will go a long way for me in this race. Situated directly middle of my least favorite town in Colorado, Palmer is a popular destination for downhillers. There are some insane drops I have seen these crazies go off. I don’t possess that skillset, but I must admit, I wish I was that cool. Preriding has given me some knowledge about some of the crazy, sharp turns leading into short, steep climbs and allowed me to find the lines through the technical sections. The course is a mix of everything with no extended climbing and lots of rocky descending and fast stuff in between. Erick and I picked up support from Boulder Trek Store and will be sporting new kits this weekend. Many motivated and talented people associated with this team and I am excited to ride with them! Erick’s wife, Jen, will be posting updates on Facebook. So, if you suffer from insomnia, are bored or just want to keep up with the hottest action happening in CO Springs at 2AM—check out my page as I am sure she will tag me.

First ever ride in Palmer last winter

My first 24 Hour solo effort will be happening in Moab on October 8th and 9th.  I am kind of amazed that it has been a year already since Team Need MoreCowbell Invaded Moab. I have to say that my experience in Moab 2010 should be partly blamed for this bike racing habit I have developed. Greener than I am now, I was inspired and amazed at the quality of the racers I got to ride with. I had an absolute blast with three awesome dudes on our “Just For Fun” team and when I rolled out of Moab, I knew that it was the beginning of something that I would live and breathe for a long time. So, when I roll back into town next weekend, I will be especially thankful to Sonya for helping me get here. I am super excited to throw down a huge effort and see what happens.Follow me here if you are still bored:

24Moab Real Time Results

One year ago in Moab amidst the masses in the LeMans style start. Yeah, check the elbow pads! I tore up my elbows and knees all the time during my first 8 months of riding.

Drew and Zack in camp- Moab 2010

My last organized mountain bike effort on the dirt this year will be the Zuni 100. Similar trails to that of the 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest, I am looking forward to just going and riding new stuff in New Mexico. My body and legs will dictate if a second 46 mile lap will happen. No pressure or expectations here. Just a good ride with great people.

And finally….My project. It will be a HUGE learning experience that will annoy soooo many bike mechanics. HA!

My trash bike, Celeste, the SS (my first true love):

Is going to be reicarnated as a sweet snow/sand machine like this without gears:

Wow. Fat tires are cool!

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