Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's Been A While....

I have been intentionally off the radar for a while. I quit TimeSuck Book for 30 days a little over a week ago. I cannot deny there are many good things it brings and many doors it has opened but I am just completely bored with it. So why was I still logging in on a daily basis and wasting time? A habit? Hmmmmmm.....not sure.

I also found myself increasingly disturbed by the observation that society now feels the need to document their lives on a daily (if not hourly) basis. And I began thinking about how I was slowly falling into that trend, so I had my roommate change my password to something I do not know to give me a reminder what life was like without Facebook.

The next day, I saw this in a weekly publication here in Durango:

"This Week's Sign of the Apocalypse: The latest affliction to hit medical journals and the shrink's couch: Facebook Addiction, complete with symptoms of high tolerance and withdrawal..."

Ha! Priceless.

Honestly, I guess the only thing I really miss is the ability to steal pictures for this blog. I have been spending some time at 14K' lately and my list of 14ers left to summit has dwindled to 12. Trip reports and pictures on the way as well as AZT and CTR thoughts that I have finally began to organize and analyze. The work shackles have been tight on my wrists for the last month, but I do have a lot to say (and now more time that isn't being wasted) so I will return to my incessant rambling after racing this weekend near Gallup, NM at 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest....

Picture taken at 24HITEF 2011: I really do miss my old frame....


  1. Oh yes please. You Blog is a massive inspiration. I crashed and broke my back weeks ago. You blog has made the time off the back MUCH easier to tolerate. Keep em coming. Please

  2. Jill;

    Awesome blog!! Very inspiring, especially since I am not even a rider. More people need to read this and get inspired to believe in themselves. Live your dreams. You kick ass!! Good job.

    I met you at Carvers