Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Who Says?

Who says I can't be free of all of the things that I used to be?
Rewrite my history?
Who says I can't be free?
                        -John Mayer

The first time I heard this song, it pretty much grabbed me by the arms, spun me around and shook me to the core. Who says? Who? Who says I can't be free?

Who says I must be always on track and never wander?

Who says I must constantly struggle for the legal tender? (love you, Jackson Browne)

Who says I must be defined by what I do to earn money?

Who says I must always have an answer?

Who says I have to succumb to the system?

Who says I can't thrive where I am with what I have?

Who says I must keep a hold of all the clutter and things that do not serve me?

Who says I cannot let go of doubt?

Who says I must stay in one place because it is familiar and convenient?

Who says I am flawed?

I have been saying these things to myself for too long. Now is the time for that voice to be silent. The place where perceived expectations and negative chatter stop is the very place where authentic life begins. The "sound" of real life is beginning to fill my ears. No longer obligated to "hear," my mind welcomes the clarity and nourishment of silence...


  1. "No longer obligated to "hear," my mind welcomes the clarity and nourishment of silence..." - I wish I could say these words too. For now loudness is my kind of silence.

  2. The "loudness" of negativity and expectations? Or a different type of loudness?

  3. Backlog of cases, accumulation of events, to-do crowd. Everything is transformed into thoughts. And these thoughts in my head roar. I can not get rid of it. So I accept this as my clear silence and on that basis, I try to create a space for action, which will allow me to get to the true refuge.