Friday, March 4, 2011

Logging Some Miles

A whirlwind week of planning, mapping and work has left me with less than 24 hours before I head south again. My gear is stored in Patagonia, AZ, so this means no marathon packing sessions. My bike and a backpack are all that is going on the plane. Ahhh, I do love simplicity.

Three days bikepacking on the AZ Trail.

Again, if you want to track:


Then on to the San Juans in southwestern Colorado. Mmmm, I have not been in my favorite corner of the earth since September and I hear the mountains calling everyday.

 Monitoring the Avalanche Danger daily, with alternate routes on standby.

Arizona desert. Colorado high peaks. Mountain bikes. Camping. Snowshoes. Crampons. Ice Axes.

All to culminate with a soak of tired muscles and the chance to marvel at the surrounding peaks here:

Orvis Hot Springs

Onslaught of photos and video to follow in a week.

1 comment:

  1. Hope the trip went well!!

    If you are still looking for a light,, in their outlet tab, has a good light (200 lumen) for reduced down to $80.

    I also like the new pic for the blog - that was just awesome that you ran across those rocks.