Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Singlespeed Christmas and a Look into 2011

I must admit I have been suffering from some epic writers block this past week. My mind is constantly pondering something but nothing (in my judgment) worthy of a post has been coming to me lately. I do hope this Christmas was relaxing and rejuvenating for all and you were able to spend it with family and friends.

Mine was spent bike packing on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day consisted of riding from Loveland to Ft. Collins on trails that make up Devils Backbone, Horsetooth Mountain Park and Lory State Park. This area isn't necessarily scenic (except for the rocks that make up the "backbone" just outside of Loveland), but it provides some awesome riding. Especially on a singlespeed. The black diamond Laughing Horse trail straight kicks my butt everytime, but I keep going back for more because, slowly and sometimes painfully, it is making me a better rider.

I took my singlespeed on both days because I love the workout and challenge. My SS was a super cheap Craigslist find. It is a nice Bianchi frame that has been rattle-canned black (??) and has a sticker of a coffin with four wheels and one of a Gecko ( I have no idea and didn't ask the guy selling it). It has high quality components and a brand new Fox shock on the front. I love the simplicity of that bike and enjoyed the sore quads it gave me a couple days after the Christmas adventures.

I don't have a lot of pictures that turned out to be anything post-worthy, but this one is amazing:

Many of you have probably seen it on Facebook, but I am thinking it soon may have to be the banner picture for my blog. It represents, to me, the beginning of something awesome that is happening in my life right now. I am looking into 2011 with some huge goals and leaving a lot of things, both material and emotional, that no longer serve me, behind.

I only ask one selfish thing of 2011: CAN WE GET SOME DAMN SNOW ON THE FRONT RANGE?

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