Thursday, October 30, 2014

Then What?

Much writing goes on in my little world. I am loving the act of handwriting, brainstorming, dreaming in journals. A little of this:

Along with napping on a lazy, sunny Sunday here:

And this constant reminder on my fridge:

Mixes rather splendidly (or....dangerously) and produces this spattering of ideas and goals:

MB from PA, I will get to you with details on the skinny tire expedition very soon...

Wasatch will happen. Cross country ride will happen, 14er finish will happen (4 left). Nolan's---eeek! Unsure when on this one.....late July? Late Sept? Won't happen in 60 hours, or anywhere even close, Crazy, painful, yet slightly enticing RAAM ideas have been planted in my head for 2016.....May and June's adventure will give me a good idea if that silliness will happen....

Sure will be fun to see where this all goes.......

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  1. Thought you would like to see a new Mountain Bike map the Moab Travel Council is producing. It is free to pick up at the Moab Information Center, downtown Moab. Or print it and bring it along So many NEW trails.