Tuesday, October 7, 2014

South Colony

There are moments when it all makes sense. The pondering stops and no words need (or can even be) uttered. There are seemingly no thoughts. yet they do exist. They just don't need clarified.

Because clarity has arrived for a fleeting moment. Perfectly understood in my soul, yet unexplainable with human speech...

A campfire and tent in early October.

The moon rising long before the sun setting.

Rainbow trout cooking, caught less than one thousand feet away.

One of maybe five people in a gigantic basin at 11k'.

I lift my eyes from my trance induced by the patterns the red hot coals make in the ashes.

And see that God's hand left me this on the easel tonight.....

For what more could I ask?


1 comment:

  1. Jill - nice picture and good reading your latest posts. I applaud your decision to quit FB - though will miss seeing your posts. I joined FB in 2013 to help with fund raising that I was doing for my Tour Divide ride and have stayed somewhat in control - only occasional posts and reading posts from others 2-3 times per day. It has been good for staying connected with the bikepacking community though I often wish I had never joined and will likely considering quitting before long.

    Don't forget to check out TATE (The Airborne Toxic Event). Playing in Denver later this month I believe. We just dragged some friends to the Burlington, VT show and they were stunned and now call them their favorite band.

    And if ever in northern New England feel free to look us up for a place to stay.

    Good luck and keep living the adventures!