Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sub Two Days...

As I sit here at the northern terminus of the Arrowhead State Trail about to begin my 2013 racing season at the opposite border that began my 2012 season, I am completely overcome with a deep gratitude and love for this epic journey that is my life.

Breathing in the cold air, I realize that I feel confident in my preparation. My gear underwent a few adjustments with the most notable being a better vapor barrier layer system. My training over the past four months has put me where I need to be. Unfortunately, I did contract a really nasty cold that started on Tuesday. I can't tell you the last time I had a cold or was sick, so the timing for this was far less than ideal. Nonetheless, coughing up a lung or two and enduring some wicked muscle aches, fever and chills for the past couple days has found me without much of a voice, but feeling MUCH better than I did on Wednesday. Drugs and cold medicines are the worst thing one can do to remedy a cold, so I went with sleep, orange juice and trust in my immune system to do what it was designed to do and kill this crap. Although I still sound like a frog when trying to form words, I have plan to execute and a race to finish.

We rolled out of town yesterday evening and drove straight through. Having three drivers was great and I slept probably twelve of the eighteen hour drive from Denver. It was a bit chilly when we rolled in:

As of a couple hours ago the Mandatory Gear Check is complete:

Wanna watch us two clowns roll big tires across northern Minnesota?

Check out trackleaders and watch the dots go..Next stop: Fortune Bay Casino.


  1. Good luck. Have a great time out there.

  2. In the end, the nemesis in the Northwoods is still the weather. However, this time it was the weather you SHOULDN'T expect. It is kinda like the locals saying about fishing when it is "off" - "youse guys shoulda been here last week." Starting 60-72 hours later would have given you the firm trails & snotcicles you were prepared for! Next time...