Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Better Than a Car By Far

How would you get from Mexico to Utah fully self-supported?

Here is my racehorse of choice:

He's light. Lighter than my fatbike I played with all winter. Maybe I will find a scale today and weigh it all...

Erick Lord, you will appreciate this: There is a 29x20 Bontrager 29.3 on board. Not f-ing around this year in Patagonia and Tucson for over 6 hours. I have learned although I thrive as a minimalist, my bike does not.

Pictures, then the list:

The Escapist 20 from Osprey is truly an awesome pack. Light, compacts well and comfortable. I had plenty of room for the list of stuff I am carrying on my back below. Also a huge thanks to Ergon for gloves, grips and my illuminated alien friend shown here.

View from the command center...These NR lights put out 130 lumens for 50 hours each and run on two AA's!


So, if you remember from earlier this year, I had a problem with the literal bike "pack" being too big for my frame as you can see it sag off the back of my shoulders:

My roommate had a good idea a few weeks ago that involved a foam pad:

En route to Grand Canyon Post Office

Along with running shorts and tights, hiking shoes, webbing straps and food, the big pack got a makeover.

To quote a couple of past 750 finishers:

Scott Morris (post GC hike):

"When I first took my pack off my shoulders felt so bad that I was worried I had done permanent damage..."

Kurt Refsnider (referring to me):

"Someone who is very naive about how wide the canyon really is! Make sure your pack straps have a ton of padding.."

Among all the forum rats and bloggers, these are two guys whose words mean a lot. So, even though its pretty ghetto, I think the padding solved both the size issue and will help with comfort. Looking like a great addition to the big pack. The last push to the UT border is going to be tough with the added weight and bulk of the pack, but doable. A little HTFU mentality and a bunch of adrenaline will push me north...

My set up:

2012 Superfly 100 with 2010 components
2 Schwalbe Racing Ralphs Snakeskin Evo
2 Niterider Mako 2 watt 130 lumen handlebar lights
Etrex Vista

Stuff Sack on handlebars

29x2.0 Bontrager 29.3 tire (yep!!)

Mountain Hardware Goretex rain jacket

Osprey Escapist 20
Osprey 100oz Hydration system
Patagonia down jacket (for the northern trail and inherently cold people)
MSR filter
Water bottle
Coflex wrap (my toes are going to scream at me for 300 miles)
Air pump
Pack cover
chain lube
travel alarm
night lenses
cell phone
Ergon Alien light
Black Diamond head/helmet lamp--80 lumen
energy bars/food

Revelate Frame Pack

2 tubes
sewing kit
patch kits
tire levers
tiny knife
tweezers (NO CACTI this year)
derailleur hanger
valve stem
2 brake pads
chain links
chain lube
cues, maps
extra batteries

Sea Line 5L Dry Bag

Montbell Super Spiral Down Hugger Bag
Leg Warmers  
UA Baselayer
Warm Gloves
Trek Bibs
Emergency bivvy (aka my normal bivvy...3oz)
cell phone charger
extra battery powered cygolite
first aid kit


Team kit
PI X-Alps
Ergon Gloves

It is game time. I am packed and ready to leave for Arizona tomorrow morning with my partner in crime who is tackling the 300..GET IT!!

I enter this race with a humble attitude and a yearning for adventure. I will be adding extra miles at the end in order to get home, and I thank all those that are helping or have helped me out in the past so much!

If you want to watch me roll into Utah check out this site:


It will be live on Friday and there is always a good discussion brewing among the spectators online. The 300 will run simultaneously and there are some FAST boys and girls lining up at Parker Canyon Lake. Best of luck to all racers!

In signing off, I must digress a bit and give proper credit where its due:

My true strength and inner light comes from nowhere but here




  1. mmmmmm jelly belly. jr busted out his easter stash on our sunday ride.

  2. Keep up the good work in the race!! FYI, I was interested in the nite rider lights you have above. Seems great but I noticed on their website that the lights only run on high (130 lumens) for 25 hours, not 50 hours.

    BTW, Black Diamond has two headlamps which work well - the Storm has 100 lumens and runs on 3 AAA batteries on high for 50 hours and there is a new BD headlamp that has 200 lumens and runs on 4 AA batteries for 75 hours on high.

    Good luck on the AZT!