Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Holiday Gift Ideas

Quick! Tell me what you got/gave for Christmas in 2005.

Yeah, me neither….

Hell, I don’t even know what the hottest things to BUY and GET for Christmas are this year. The lists, the millions of product reviews by anybody and everybody, the “must-haves” for 2012: Non des Mus asinum. Truthfully, when I think about all the sheeple out shopping (consuming) this is what comes to my mind:

Don’t get me wrong, I am a weak human. Yes, my head turns at the newest, cool, shiny thing to put on my bike. Advertising is powerful and we live in a world of constant inundation. It cleverly creates a need within that can only be satisfied by the purchase. And the method of creating the need is ever-evolving, constantly seeping into every aspect of daily life. Superficiality abounds. Ugh!

My eyes glaze over in boredom and pity when someone can recite the spec sheet and price list for a certain product but cannot tell me what drives/motivates them. Responses like, “Uhhh, well, I don’t know if I have ever thought about it” bring my heart a lot of sadness. And when someone goes on and on about how much he or she has to do/buy/clean:

Again, Non des Mus asinum.  But in reality--what a lifeless, muted and empty existence.

Superficial, surface gab is definitely a part of almost every conversation initially. Of course we do not sit around all day over tea discussing deep issues and solving the world’s problems. I love to joke around and have fun just like anyone. However, when anything beyond the latest/coolest/greatest is approached—the vast majority is unable to maintain the conversation. So many are LOST. Or they distract themselves with their phone. Intelligent, accomplished, educated people make up a big percentage of the aforementioned.

Come on, world. Open your fucking eyes. You will never, ever be content with things. You will always feel you need more. More. More. You will never win the game because the game is designed to take your money by creating a constant need to have the newest thing out there. And your obsession with things dampers what we need the most—human connection. Material possessions and what we will do to have the best of them is rotting our souls.

The scariest of this is seen in those that value their lifeless crap over people, relationships, connection. Crap breaks and wears out and becomes obsolete with each new calendar year, yet some keep on striving to buy it—at the cost of their own happiness. They become hardened, distracted, lonely and generally miserable inside, but very good at keeping up the outward appearance. They want a deep level of connection with a person rather than an item. In their hearts, they want to do, go and experience, but will have a very convincing excuse why it is not the right time.

From a blog I read a few weeks ago on the subject (not my words and I am still searching for the credit):

Things are never a priority. Never.
Your scratched car will not cry out at you, begging you for shelter, food, comfort, love, freedom, truth. Your torn designer clothing will not drop down on its knees and whimper at dreams unlived, hopes disappearing beyond the fading horizon. Your home will never wrap your small and broken body in its warm and tender embrace, soothing your raw emotions, wiping away your salty teardrops from your face.

Damn. Stop and think about that for a moment. Really. Do it. Don't just blissfully ignore it or dismiss it as overly dramatic. The words are powerful and bold.

Not muted and meant to be read and forgotten like a Tweet.

Alright (big exhale). Now that my Thursday afternoon rant is complete, I hereby submit my own Christmas Gift Idea List:

1. Your time.Take the person to a concert, hang out doing nothing, a camping trip, a bike ride to all the coffee shops nearby, make them dinner/lunch, etc.

2. Your thoughtful and kind words of encouragement (do you know how many people need this?)

3. Your genuine interest in what they are doing/dream about doing. Ask them.

4. Human touch. (Why are hugs/embraces so scary now?)

5. Something unique that shows you care enough to find out what that something is.

Shall I continue? No, it would be repetitive. The point is people over things. No matter what.

So....How about we all use the credit card a bit less and the heart a bit more this Christmas?

Try it. Then we all might remember this one a little more.


  1. I am doing this. I hate to say this, but it is almost scary giving a gift of "Meticulously-prepared and thought out dinner for you and your loved ones."

    We shall see what happens.

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