Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dream List

Dreams. I believe in the beauty of them. I fiercely chase them. 

Durango just went from a dream to a reality. A year of reducing put all of my material possessions into this 5x5 storage unit.

Yeah, really!

My new crib right in the middle of town lends to minimal driving. The energy in Durango is contagious and  I can be completely off the radar and on a rugged, remote trail (not a managed open space area) in under 15 minutes. The slower, more relaxed pace fits my goal of minimizing the unnecessary. My blog will flourish with writing instead of “reporting” which I feel like it has become lately.

I am really starting to reflect on one helluva year that just came and went. In January, I started a fire inside to do something remarkable with my bike. I learned so much, I laughed, I cried, I bled, I lost teeth, I lost skin, I ruined drive trains, I duct taped tires when there were no more boots, I went through six chains, and I set out on the CTR with 40 bucks in my pocket and a plan to hitchhike back to Denver from Durango. I put notes all over my house the night before that said “DURANGO OR BUST.” I ran on soley faith, desire to improve and caffeine somedays.

But I did it. I did something remarkable with my bike. What I did was far beyond race results and achievements.

I lived. Really lived. Not the chaotic, constant stream of distractions and commitments some call a life.


I truly lived to be happy rather than work, produce and consume.I lived for the first time without regrets. I lived as close to the poverty line as I ever have. I stopped hanging out with negative people who bore the shit out of me with talk of the newest and greatest.

Yeah. I was free and I was on a bike, smashing conventionality in the face with every mile.

In short, 2011 was the year that I boldly dared to live my dreams. I had no idea what I was doing by the standards of some and many in my own family do not understand me or even show interest in what I am doing. It hurts inside, but is soothed by the people who had the guts to tell me that by reading my blog, knowing me, talking to me, I inspired them to do _________. Those emails, calls and conversations were incredible! I saw so many people I knew get on a bike, start running, start going to the gym, climb 14ers, etc.

So, what is coming from my heart that will be a part of my life for 2012 and beyond? Hmmm, some call this a bucket list, but I choose to call it my dream list.

Dreams have to have a plan. Plans have dates. Plans can and will change, but most of all they provide a structure and direction for people like me who want to do everything under the sun.

Looking within, this is what is going to happen in my life before my 40th birthday: (Which is a long ways off).


Dream: 3-day snowbikepacking trip in my new backyard (San Juans)
When: Christmas 2011

Dream (goal maybe a more fitting term): 3 Facebook logins per week. All less than 30 minutes. Anything more seems like a borderline addiction. Time is too valuable. I am not sure how this overuse habit has crept up on me, but I am staring it straight in the face and it is ending midnight December 31.


Dream: Break the CTR female record
When: July 31, 2012

Dream: Complete AZT 750
When: April 2012

Dream: Complete all Colorado 14ers (12 left!!)
When: Before December 2012

Dream: Be completely debt free
When: March 2012

Dream: Podium at 24Hour Worlds (IN CANMORE!!)
When: September 2012


Dream: Top 5 Finish in La Ruta
When: 2013 race

Dream: Arrowhead 135 Finish
When: Jan 2013

Dream: Obtain a packraft system for the fatbike
When: Before Dec 2013

Dream: Earn enough through my published writing to cover housing expenses
When: By Dec 2013


Dream: Denali Summit
When: May 2014

Dream: Fatbike packraft trip (Alaska? South America?)
When: By December 2014

Dream: Thru-bike the CDT
When: Summer 2015

Before my 40th Birthday

Dream: Live and bike through Europe for a minimum of 8 months

Dream: Iron Man Top ten finish

Dream: Complete Masters in Biochemistry (Because big mountains, bikes and protein structure and function are the most fascinating things in the world to me)

Dream: Own a horse again and team rope with my dad


  1. Hi Jill,

    You're now the fourth adventure Jill I've found out in the blogosphere (including myself). Scatman and I are virtual friends so that's how I found you.

    I spent a few months in Durango this year and didn't enjoy it but maybe it can only handle one Jill at a time anyway ;) Let me know if you get to Alaska or if you want a partner for that fatbike packraft trip! I live in Anchorage and I'm reasonably sure I probably will still be in 2014 when you head up this way.

  2. Jill-

    Indeed all the truly epic ladies share this great name! :)

    I will definitely look you up and partner up as well in 2014. Love the blog and your Geargal site. I will be following it for sure as I love your writing and wit.

  3. Get it Jill! I believe we're on the same page and glad to be racing with you in 2012. Hopefully, I'll see you at La Ruta in 2013, I cheese out every time I visit their website!