Monday, August 31, 2015

Hope Rising

Stand Tall

Dear God,

Please open his heart to hope and life again. Release him from his shame and self-hatred, let him see the powerful and innate courage he holds inside to be willing to change.

Help him release a past he remembers only filled with sharp pain, deep anger and constant disappointment. Open his eyes again to the things he loves and the remarkable man he is and always has been.

Remind him of the mountains and the snow he loves. Help him know how much we all love him and miss him.

You are running this show, God, not me. Open my ears to know what to do and say. Its been a long time. You answered all our prayers.

Dont let me screw this up.....I am shaking with anticipation and insomnia prevails, yet inside I feel the warm light of hope, healing and love for my brother will shine through the darkness. Please let him see it, feel it and take comfort in knowing he is loved and not judged. Let his ears be open and his heart willing and calm....

We all want our brother, son, grandson, nephew, cousin Steve back. Only you can do that. And I have absolutely no doubt you me what to do today, God.