Thursday, February 12, 2015

Silverton Whiteout 2015


Used loosely, the term describes the course for the inagural Silverton Whiteout Fatbike Race. I navigated my way over Coal Bank and Molas Pass about three weeks ago on a Thursday afternoon to scout the course. It was about 1pm or so, 25F and covered with the white stuff we (now) only hear about falling from the sky in the eastern part of the country.

Yes, our winter has been stolen. Please return it. Please?

Anyhow, the first preride included the ski area climb and some sketchball (and inherently fun) singletrack through the trees. The course had to be changed for the race, but a fun eleven mile loop was concocted on the remaining snow and six of us made the trip to one of my top 5 favorite towns in Colorado. Team Epic Steel and The Front Range Fattys both turned in fourth place finishes and a bunch of smiles and jokes.

No big tributes or deep meaning in this race. It kind of felt like playing outside during recess at school with an awesome bunch of friends. Yeah. That's pretty much the vibe in this part of the world.

One of the preride days....

The BPR Founding Fathers..MAD RESPECT for the plaid and the Ti...and yes, that case went to the top of Shrine Hill....

Shrine Hill three weeks ago...
Pre launch.... (photo credit due here and a few others)
Front Range Fatty CEO's

Yep. Serious business. Can they race without a USAC license and a hundred hashtags??
Four friends forged some Epic Steel

Some epic faces.... 
And an Epic Smile for ten hours...
A good one to add to your calendar for 2016.

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