Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bicycle-less in Virginia

Upon return from my Arrowhead adventure I put the Pugs out to pasture for a week and took a trip eastward to Handyland. Being the left-coaster I am, I was excited to see Ohio, Virginia and Kentucky, attend the 95th birthday bash of one very special "Memaw" and meet the clan that raised Mr. Handy before he was released into the wild.

In three houses full of laughter, love, warmth and smiles we stayed. I was welcomed as though I was part of the family and left in awe of their true southern hospitality. I think everyone may have giggled at my accent as I playfully did theirs and the whoopee cushions in the chairs at every meal left never a moment of boredom.

I have met very few 50 year-olds who have the life, energy and wit of the 95 year-old birthday girl pictured in the center front row. Wow, what a lady. I see where Les and his entire family get their zest for living and the strong bonds that tie them together.

For the first half of the week, we looked for any and all potential mischief while playing in the strange forests where trees lose their leaves in the winter:

The second half of the week took us to a remote back country cabin. The time we spent here completely disconnected from the outer world warrants a posting of its own...

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