Friday, August 31, 2012

Once in a Blue Moon

Things just fell together for this in the last few days.

Work schedule was the essential key that put this all into motion. I have some awesome people who went above and beyond that I am so thankful to know. Thank you so much! You really should check out this awesome place that constantly and fully supports the two-wheeled lifestyle which allows us all to thrive.

I have said it all in previous posts. Not much more to say.

Starting, Monday, September 3rd at 2am at Waterton Canyon in Denver, I am going to turn myself inside out and make a push for the women's record. Sub 5 would be awesome (excruciating), sure, but all I need to be is faster than 5 days and 4 hours. I have a different rig, daily goals, a better sleep plan, but most importantly, an unrelenting fire in my soul that has burned since the first week I started riding fat tires..

And its a blue moon.

So as the song lyrics go:

Once in a blue moon, I'll do something right.


  1. Go get it, Jill!! Be careful but go hard! We will be watching your dots!

  2. September 1 is a Saturday ;-)

    Have a blast out there! Just watch out for the kamikaze squirrels in the San Juans.

  3. Get it done! I'll be following and sending the good vibes.